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Top 4 Benefits of installing solar panels on your home

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Top 4 Benefits of installing solar panels on your home

Benefits of installing solar panels on your home We are a professional company engaged in the manufacturing and distribution of solar panel starting 3wp-340wp from our state of the art manufacturing facility based in Noida, Delhi-NCR. The facility is equipped with AAA grade Solar Panels manufacturing machines and designed to manufacture high quality Solar Photovoltaic Modules as per the international quality standards. The experienced production team with clean and centrally air conditioned shop floor enhances the efficiency and durability of the modules.

Our production line is also equipped with Inline EL Tester to ensure that the modules manufactured are free from micro cracks, chipping and misalignment problems. The cells are tested and sorted using Cell tester prior to stringing to ensure uniformity in the output of each cell. The modules are finally tested on Sun Simulator to authenticate the end product quality right upto the customer’s satisfaction.


  • Manufactured in highly automated state of the art facilities with rigorous in house quality control meeting, the highest standards.
  • Superior Engineering excellence with special attention to the finest details to ensure longevity and optimal performance in the most challenging  circumstances.
  • PID free Modules with Long Term Reliability
  • Glass with anti Reflective Coating Improves light transmission
  • Salt Mist,Ammonia,Blowing sand & Hail Tested
adminTop 4 Benefits of installing solar panels on your home

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