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Why Solar Panels Are Good For The Environment

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Why Solar Panels Are Good For The Environment.

Solar Energy doesn’t create any pollution and is therefore not harmful to the environment in any way.

Our corporate mission is to make solar energy more affordable with our commitment to make India “GO GREEN” and improving millions of lives with clean and green energy solutions.Our vision is be one of the leading manufacturer of Solar PV Modules,Solar Lights and other solar products and to make the brand of “IB Solar” synonymous with the most reliable source of Solar Energy provider for all .

Our production line is also equipped with Inline EL Tester to ensure that the modules manufactured are free from micro cracks, chipping and misalignment problems. The cells are tested and sorted using Cell tester prior to stringing to ensure uniformity in the output of each cell. The modules are finally tested on Sun Simulator to authenticate the end product quality right upto the customer’s satisfaction.


adminWhy Solar Panels Are Good For The Environment

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